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Platio Solar Paver (kit) including inverter

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Platio Solar Paver (kit) including inverter

Van €66,00
PLATIO solar paver is a walkable, green building material. In our solar pavers, high-performance solar cells collect the solar energy radiated onto the surface. The solar cells are protected by heavy-duty, anti-slip, scratch and impact-resistant glass panels. The load-bearing capacity of the walk-on solar panel surface and the protection of the cables is provided by a robust frame structure.

The frame of the product is made out of plastic waste that cannot be recycled by other methods, and no new plastic materials are used for its manufacturing. The use of materials and a special manufacturing process results in a highly durable frame structure that can ensure trouble-free operation and installation of solar panels for decades.

The advantage of the composite material of the frame is that it has better hardness properties and a longer lifespan than concrete. While High Performance Concrete (HPC) has a lifetime of up to 50 years, the composite material of PLATIO solar paver can last for longer as it has much higher tensile and compressive strength and absorbs much less water than concrete.

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