Solar panel dimensions: which one do you choose?

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Solar panels come in many different dimensions and shapes. Technologies follow each other in rapid succession and manufacturers are constantly innovating and getting more power from their solar panels. As a result, more and larger solar cells are being manufactured in a solar panel and new solar panel dimensions are constantly being added. Quite difficult for installers, because which solar panel dimensions do you choose? And which dimensions are suitable for residential construction, for example?

The correct solar panel dimensions for residential construction

For installers who install solar panels in the residential market on a daily basis, it is important to choose a 'manageable' solar panel. It is good to look at the size and weight. It is often not practical for installers to work with heavy and large-format solar panels at height. In the overview below you will find different solar panel sizes of under 2 m2. These panels are extremely suitable for the residential market.

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The correct solar panel dimensions for company roofs or PV fields

For solar panel projects on company roofs or with large PV fields, large-format solar panels can be considered more. Bifacial solar panels are also extremely suitable for these types of projects, as we wrote earlier an article about. Bifacial panels are solar panels that generate yield on both sides. Large format solar panels and bifacial solar panels are on the rise and it is expected that this will become the standard in the coming years.

Look closely at the number WP / m2

With all the different sizes and new technologies coming onto the market, it is sometimes difficult to determine what to look out for. In any case, it is wise to look closely at the number of watts peak per square meter (expressed in WP / m2). The higher this number, the higher the efficiency number and the more power you get from a roof surface. The table above also shows the number of WP / m2 and the efficiency of the solar panels.

With the increasing WP capabilities, the dimensions also increase. Solar panels with a high power and a compact size achieve a high WP / m2 and are therefore seen as good panels, if you look at the performance. Our advice is therefore not only to look at the power of a panel, but precisely at the combination of power and size.

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