Threats of solar panels shortage

Threats of solar panels shortage are expected starting in the fourth quarter of this year. Chinese solar panel manufacturers are expected to be unable to meet demand due to rising glass shortages. A global shortage of up to 10 gigawatt peak threatens.

Due to the increasing demand for large format solar panels and bifacial solar panels, the demand for glass for solar panels is growing exponentially. As a result, the price of glass rose last summer and there is now a risk of shortages in the fourth quarter.

According to the market research firm PV InfoLink, the high rise in the price of glass for solar panels is putting enormous pressure on the solar panel manufacturers. Prices for silicon and solar cells remain stable, prices for wafers are falling slightly and the price of glass is rising sharply. The manufacturers cannot meet the demand in this way and are behind schedule. Many producers have had to reduce their production.

Price remains stable despite shortage of solar panels

Despite the price hike for solar panels in October and the now looming shortage of solar panels, PV InfoLink expects prices to remain stable. According to the research firm, a further increase in prices is not acceptable for the market and price increases will only be seen for small orders. It is expected that the shortages that will arise will mainly be felt in the profits of the solar panel manufacturers.