7 tips when purchasing solar panels

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The solar energy market is a very dynamic fast growing market. Developments have followed at a rapid pace in recent years and will continue at this rate in the coming years. We think this is a good thing, but it is sometimes very difficult for installers when purchasing solar panels. There are many types of solar panels on the market. With different dimensions, capacities, cells and appearance. What do you have to pay attention to when purchasing solar panels? We give you 7 tips.

Tip 1: Which type of module do I choose?

When choosing a solar panel, you first look at the type of solar cell. A solar panel consists of solar cells and there are several types of solar cells available.

Which solar cells you need depends on your own
wishes and needs. Solar panels with monocrystalline solar cells deliver the highest return. For solar panels with polycrystalline solar cells you pay less, but you also get less return. Solar panels with amorphous or thin-film solar cells to be
cheap, but yield the least return.

Monocrystalline solar panels are often used in homes. On sloping roofs you can apply mono full black solar panels (completely black version) here, so that the PV field looks aesthetically pleasing.
On flat roofs (for example, when the panels are not visible from the ground) you can opt for mono silver solar panels, these are generally slightly cheaper but still have a high efficiency.

For larger projects, such as PV fields or company roofs, either polycrystalline solar panels or monocrystalline solar panels are used. The advantage of opting for polycrystalline solar panels in these cases is that you get a huge purchasing advantage with the mass because these modules are cheaper. Please note that polycrystalline solar panels have a lower yield than monocrystalline panels.

Tip 2: Which brand of solar panels do I choose?

We have various brands in the Netherlands solar panels. The solar panels are offered through distributors, importers and trading companies.

When you go to buy solar panels, you will see that one
big difference is in price between the brands. There are a large number of solar panel brands on the market and these are often divided into tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. This division is based on whether the solar panel manufacturers
be reliable, deliver quality products and be bankable.

Solar panel manufacturers that are bankable are Tier 1 manufacturers. The solar panels often have excellent guarantees, can be reinsured and are often used in larger EPC projects.

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The main TIER 1 manufacturers are currently:

SunpowerCanadian SolarHanwha Q-Cells
SolarWorldTrina SolarJA Solar
Jinko SolarSolar FrontierRenesola
First SolarPanasonicSharp

Tip 3: The right place to buy solar panels

As an installer of solar panels, it is sometimes difficult to determine where you can best buy solar panels. It depends on how much volume you install as an installer.

When you look closely at the available brands and what demand there is from your customers, you can properly determine which brand you have in your range

Most installers now opt for TIER 1 manufacturers. Please note
Please note that if you import solar panels yourself, you are also responsible. You can therefore also choose to purchase solar panels from national importers or distributors. These companies have now matured and have enough experience and strength.

It pays to compare the prices of wholesalers and importers. Prices of solar panels sometimes differ based on supply and demand.

Tip 4: Buying solar panels, how do I determine the right price?

For orders above 4 pallets it is interesting to see which type of solar panel you are purchasing. The price strongly depends on:

  • the brand
  • type of cell
  • technology
  • warranties

There are TIER 1 manufacturers who currently supply solar panels for a price of 0.22 cents per Watt Peak for a Mono solar panel with a
silver frame. These solar panels can be used very well in utility projects.

Brands such as LG Solar, Panasonic and Sunpower produce solar panels with very high yields and powers. The cost price is therefore a lot higher. More and more manufacturers are now entering the market with high yields and capacities per m2 and often for a lower cost price. So the market keeps moving!

Our advice is to always keep comparing prices and to see what new developments there are.

Tip 5: How do I make a healthy margin on my solar panel projects?

In the solar energy sector it is all about cost and volume. Solar panels can be bought directly, but you will
a competitive purchase price then you have to turn volume. For example, you can record volumes at an importer or manufacturer to have a constant supply of solar panels.

You can achieve a healthy margin if you purchase solar panels, inverters and mounting systems properly from the right distributors and / or manufacturers. Where you give a forcecast or your expectation of what will be sold.

Of course we see prices from different providers
exchange. You can make extra margin if you purchase in somewhat larger quantities, so that handling and transport costs are low.

A distributor is usually good at a number of brands, because they make sufficient volume with those brands and have made purchase agreements with them.

Tip 6: Which solar panels for which project?

Full black solar panels are often used for residential projects. These solar panels look nice and the average number of WP per solar panels is currently 330 WP.

For utility projects you can use mono crystalline solar panels with a silver frame, where you can choose 60/120 cells and 72/144 cells. The power is on average 330 WP.

For the higher powers you can opt for N-type technology cells or even Bificial modules. These modules have a higher cost price, but offer more benefits such as quality, guarantees and efficiency.

It is smart to focus on a certain segment, so that the volume of a certain panel increases and you can achieve a purchasing advantage.

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Search for the correct PV module based on the type of project

Tip 7: Stay informed of the latest developments

With the right products and prices you can make a healthy margin on your solar energy projects. But how do you know if you are not paying too much at your current supplier? And do you ever suffer from delivery problems?

We have devised a solution to compare prices and view cost prices. The online wholesaler Search4solar offers the following benefits for installers like you.

✔ Competitive prices, we bundle purchasing.
✔ No middlemen. Direct purchasing from European
distributors and manufacturers.
✔ Simple purchasing process.
✔ Fast delivery times, stock directly from distributor or
✔ The latest technologies from top brands.

We wish you good luck with your solar energy projects!

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