Inverter repair

As an installer, do you deal a lot with faulty inverters from customers? Inverters that no longer turn on or give error messages every time? Then opt for inverter repair. This is a much more sustainable and above all cheaper way to provide your customer with a new inverter. 

In fact, generally not the complete inverter, but only one or more components are defective. After repairing the inverter, you get a 3-year warranty on the proper functioning of the inverter. Interested? Submit a repair request!


Scope 10 & 12 inspection

A Scope 12 inspection is a complete, independent, check of the solar panel installation. A properly maintained and inspected PV installation offers benefits to the end user. A Scope 12 inspection is mandatory for all business solar panel installations. A Scope 12 inspection for homes is not mandatory, but it is wise!

As a company, to take out fire or building insurance, you must in many cases prove that the electrical installation is fire-safe. By periodically subjecting electrical installations to a Scope 10 inspection, fire safety can be guaranteed.

Solar engineering

Have a 3D engineering made for your customer, showing that you are a professional solar installer. Your customer receives an accurate yield forecast in kWh per year, in addition to a 3D elaboration of the system. 

It is also possible to have any shadow analysis done, which will reveal what the annual loss is. This way, your client will receive realistic and professional advice so there can be no surprises!